Restore flight to the truth

According to the daily mail, 32 year old Irish air stewardess Cassandra Redding (Cassandra Reddin) the club on the court, the reason is she experienced a thrilling flight landing.

It is November 19, 2009 of this flight landed to ray, never say goodbye to the flight attendants this ting her favorite occupation. The flight from Malaga, Spain, is about to land at Dublin Airport. But the landing speed is too fast, resulting in a heavy landing. "I thought we were all going to die," she told the high court in Dublin. There are no signs of stopping. I was even afraid of shaking." In the process, the plane from one side to the other side, the whole process is very bumpy. Even after the landing gear is started, the bumps are still very bumpy. After landing, the aircraft from the runway to bounce, the cabin safety publicity single scattered on the ground. The top of the cabin luggage of passengers on the glass broken, the outflow of the liquid splashed on their head. There was a scream of passengers in the cabin. She still remembers the scene at the time, she said, "it's too dangerous!"
Lei Ting believes that the aircraft was unusually fast speed, certainly out of the runway. And her first duty is to ask the passengers to return to their seats, and then try to reassure them. She said: "older flight attendants told me not to tell passengers what happened, because the copilot will feel ashamed. I was crying, and I was unable to recover from shock. Second days I can't move around the neck." Then she found that she was suffering from acute anxiety disorder (also known as panic attacks), unable to continue the work of flight attendants. She is currently working in the social media sector in Ireland.
Lei Ting's attorney Finbarr (Finbarr fox SC) said that Lei ting the back, neck and shoulder injuries had to end a career flight attendant career ideal. He stressed that the level of flight landed smoothly at that time did not reach a qualified pilot should reach the level of operation. Even in windy weather conditions, a qualified pilot's landing smoothly will be better than the flight landing state. The flight has been significantly reduced. In 6 seconds before landing, the Airbus A320 aircraft fell at a rate of 1400 feet per minute, three to four times faster than normal. From one side to the other side, the plane is very unstable. The pilot had to break off the landing process, and then try again. Finbarr said: "he had a very simple choice, which should have been practiced in his training." But he chose a heavy landing. "You can imagine a desperate scream in the engine room."
Lei Ting was located in the tail position, swivel seat without any buffer protection, so very easy to hurt. On the second day, the company's medical room report to the company's neck and back pain and shoulder pain situation. After a period of time, she also appeared vertigo. The accumulated grief caused her to the spirit of extreme depression.
Redding's agent, said the Irish aviation failed to provide a safe working environment for its employees, the pilot failed to carry out a reasonable standard operation in the aircraft landing, not a suitable warning, resulting in its body multiple injuries. Irish aviation has denied the allegations. But the court has appointed judge Michael Hana (Hanna Michael) to hear the case.