The United Nations agreed to create a flight tracking system

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 239 collective incident missing incident, has been the international aviation security and search and rescue work sounded another alarm, and this has led to a better tracking of civil aviation aircraft to build a better system. Wednesday (11), this effort has produced some results, because the United Nations Commission has agreed to allocate a portion of the radio spectrum to the purpose of the global flight tracking, in order to avoid similar disasters in the future again.

The agreement was reached at the World Congress of radio communication in Geneva, and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations Flag, was responsible for the establishment of a global communications technology standard, which has agreed to allocate the spectrum of the 1087.7--1092.3MHz to the satellite and space station so that it can receive enough Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (Automatic).
At present, the aircraft will only send these signals to other aircraft and air traffic control station, which makes it a significant shortage of time in the distance or leap oceans. Zhao Houlin, the Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union, said in a statement that the agency has made a timely response to the main problems of the global community's flight tracking, and will do everything possible to improve the flight tracking system in the civil aviation sector.
Still, there are people who have expressed different views. After the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines, regulatory agencies and airlines are unresponsive, especially in 2009 has already happened Air France.
In September last year, the EU said it had plans to deploy mandatory flight tracking, while the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the United Nations Flag, also set up a tracking technology for the airline to set up the November 2016 deadline.
It is reported that the aircraft at least every 15 minutes, or in an emergency situation to send a position information. Recently, French investigators have found a fragment from MH370 was confirmed at the Reunion Island shore.