The cockpit side windows suddenly burst

According to aviation Herald, November 11, Russian airline Aeroflot subsidiary United Far Eastern Airlines Aurora a frame Airbus A319-100 aircraft from Khabarovsk airport takeoff to Kamchatka fagafaga Peter Pavlov Smolensk airport, in the airplane climb to a high degree of FL360, driving cabin captain fixed rear side window appears to burst, resulting in unit return Khabarovsk Novy airport.

Aurora Airlines flight is on behalf of the Russian aviation operations, the aircraft registration number is VP-BWL, flight number is SU-5684, the aircraft carrying 129 passengers. In about 80 minutes after takeoff, the plane landed safely at Khabarovsk airport to return.
Report of the investigation committee of the Russian Far East Department of transportation DVSUT said Aurora Airlines plane took off about 19 minutes after, a windshield appears to burst, prompting captain return Khabarovsk. DVSUT has launched an investigation.