New Zealand Airlines hit the romantic brand to attract Chinese tourists

According to "New Zealand Herald" reported that in November 9th in Oakland, China business summit, New Zealand Airlines chief executive officer Lu Jiefeng (Luxon Christopher) said, New Zealand airlines in China's marketing goal is to New Zealand as a Chinese family of a romantic ideal destination display to Chinese customers.

Lu Jiefeng said that although the Chinese market competition and economic growth has slowed down, but in the past year, the performance of New Zealand airlines in the Chinese market is still the best record in history.
Since 2006, New Zealand Airlines has opened a direct flight to China, and it has established a new partnership with China International Airlines, and thus restored the flight to fly to Beijing.
Lu Jiefeng pointed out that through the strengthening of targeted marketing, New Zealand airlines to increase the expansion in China's high-end aviation market. Although China's overall air passenger number continues to grow rapidly, but the amount of consumption per Chinese tourist growth is even faster.
New Zealand Airlines "fixed" two marketing platform to attract Chinese families and couples. Lu Jiefeng said: "we think there are many people in China who are 30 years of age who want to travel and vacation in New Zealand. After all, New Zealand is a very romantic place, and we spend a lot of time on delivering this information." The use of Air New Zealand stars and those who have a large number of social media fans network celebrities to promote new zealand.
New Zealand Air Travel Agency Co sponsored by the New Zealand, has attracted the Chinese family reality show "Daddy where to go" to the New Zealand recording program. In New Zealand, the record of that period, "Daddy where" the program attracted 400000000 people watch.
Lu Jiefeng said that although the 328000 tourists to New Zealand, Chinese tourists for New Zealand tourism market is very important, but they only account for 0.3% of the total number of Chinese outbound tourists. He said: "as long as a little bit more made even growth, is enough to make our business better. I am very optimistic about the performance of our business in China, there are opportunities here "
Lu Jiefeng said earlier and China air coalition talks is fast and make smooth reading. From December, Air China will open the opening of Oakland non-stop flights to Beijing, a day, while New Zealand airlines will continue to fly Oakland - Shanghai flights. New Zealand airlines and Air China had established a "deep business relationship" and will carry out revenue sharing.