Britain and Russia flights to Egypt

According to foreign media reports, a Russian airliner recently in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh after the crash, the Russian and British Airways suspended flights to Sharm el Sheikh, which the Egyptian tourism caused a major blow, the monthly loss of 2.2 billion Egyptian coins.

The Egyptian Tourism Minister Zagreb left said, because the British and Russian aircraft grounded in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt monthly loss of 2200000000 Egyptian coins. If after 3 months, Egypt will lose 6600000000 Egyptian coins. Sharm el Sheikh reception of foreign tourists, including 66% from Britain and russia.
It is reported that the Russian airliner last month 31, from Sharm el Sheikh off to St. Petersburg, Russia, crashed on 23 minutes after takeoff, the machine 224 people were killed. British and U.S. officials believe that the aircraft may be placed on a bomb, causing the aircraft to bomb.
The British Foreign Minister Hammond's visit to Washington, D. C., said there is a great possibility that the Islamic state is involved.
The Federal Bureau of investigation said to the cause of the plane crash, provide assistance to Russia and Egypt, but has not yet been Eai response.